The hog roast prices quoted above are to feed up to120 people (dependant on appetite).  Should you wish to have the quote adjusted for larger or smaller numbers please contact or telephone us on 07530055808.

We currently have a number of dates in October and November at significantly reduced rates, discounts also available mid week, contact us for prices!!!

We roast only the best quality meat and our pork is free range and outdoor bred on the farm at Redhill Farm( 

The hog roast menu can be supplemented with any barbecue menu or any dishes from either barbecue menu or with any of the extra dishes on the next page. We can provide salads including Green leaf salad, Potato salad,Homemade coleslaw and Mediterranean-style pasta salad.

Hog roasts can be served on porcelain plates with metal cutlery and the cost of this includes cleaning.

We provide the gas for cooking in all of the hog roast menus.

We do tidy the immediate area where the hog roaster has been and provide a dustbin so that we can remove the rubbish.

We are able to provide our own shelter for rainy or very sunny days and we will bring  serving tables for our own use.

We are able to offer significant discount for events held on Monday to Thursday, please ask for details.